Are you ready for The Big Finish!?

Big Finish

Do you like to design and decorate on your own, but find yourself stuck from time to time in your efforts to actually finish rooms?

Do you own most of the major pieces you need, but just can’t seem to pull it all together?

These days, whether it’s popular internet design sites, or furniture and home improvement stores, or the carnival of catalogs in the mailbox, it seems like everyone these days has a design idea for you to try…and of course, an array of hot, must-have items on sale. Never before has the world of interior design and decorating been easier to access…and yet more confusing than ever to navigate in terms of price, style, and quality. That’s where our new service for 2018 The Big Finish can help…BIG time.

With over 20 years of experience in interior design, decoration and remodeling, we’ve helped countless numbers of people pull interiors together with an exciting combination of both substance and style. This unique service helps you leverage the vast marketplace of design, decorating and remodeling ideas and resources, allowing you to search, evaluate, select and install the finishing elements that will make interiors dynamic, personal interiors and most important of all…complete. The Big Finish puts our expertise and eye to work for you, all in an effort to help you find the right finishing details at the right price…from anywhere you’d like to buy them. In store, online or in-house, we help you find the perfect finishing details that will define your design.

Online, in-store, or in-house, this new service gives you
the flexibility and confidence to purchase from ANY design resource, 
Illinois – Wisconsin – Florida – And all points in between!
So, from artwork and accessories to window treatments and furniture…and so much more…let us coach you to the finish line room by room.

Where do you start?

Well, you have three options:

Personalized E-Design Evaluation: $300.00 (2 hour blocks)

During this digital design review, we utilize images provided via email, Houzz, social media, drop boxes or ipad. This convenient and time saving offering, allows us to coach you through solutions to design problems, review construction plans and potential projects, as well as review products or services you’re considering purchasing to complete your design! Great design advice…on demand!

Private Design Evaluation at the Lake Geneva Design Studio: $300.00 (2 hour blocks)

This customized studio visit, utilizing images provided via email, Houzz, social media, ipad or laptop allows us to coach you through solutions to design problems, review products you’re considering purchasing, as well as suggestions related to the various of finishing elements that will complete your interior. At this meeting, we will also show you actual examples of the kinds of finishing elements that will complete your interior or project.

In-home Design Evaluation and  Project Review: $450.00 (2 hour blocks)

This two hour, comprehensive visit allows us to dive immediately into the various needs of your project or space, and start developing a plan to get it done. At the end of this one-on-one in-home consultation, you will have the ideas, inspiration and information to move your projects quickly toward completion. Simply stated…this holistic design consultation gives you the who, what, where, when, how and why to complete your design.

After every consultation, upon request, we develop a customized design/decoration proposal and plan, including a detailed breakdown of the design strategy, scope of our possible involvement, time line for completion and accurate budgets to help you finish your room(s) or project. Then if our proposal and plan meet with your approval, and you’d like us to get more involved…we get right to the design!


Book your BIG finish today!

For more information regarding the The Big Finish experience, or to book an in-studio or in-home appointment, please contact us at (262) 249-0940…or email us at


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