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We have a very different relationship with the guests who visit our Studio & Gallery. We like to let our guests engage with our offerings on their own terms. We’re happy to let them explore, discover and just play design detective. We understand that for many people, even a quick day-trip to Lake Geneva, and our shop, is a chance to detox from the demands of the day-to-day. A chance to reboot and recharge, in the creative oasis that resides at the intersection of art and design. Hope to see you soon.” -Philip Sassano, Founder of The Design Coach

Recent Studio & Gallery Photos:

About Our Lake Geneva Location:


The Design Coach Studio & Workshop is an exciting alternative to the traditional retail shopping experiences found in many tourist towns. Intentionally blurring the lines between art gallery, design showroom and Main Street USA shop, guests to this ever-changing creative laboratory, gain access to the latest collection of curated curiosities, as well as our current selection of favorite offerings for the home. At select seasonal times, we also offer free creative demonstrations and workshops aimed at inspiring visitors to build more authentic, original and personal interiors.

Retail Hours:

Memorial Day to Labor Day:

Our Summer Market is open to the public Wednesday – Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM.

Labor Day to Memorial Day:

Monday – Friday by appointment only. Open to the public, Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM.

Our Design Office Hours:

Our Interior Design Office, at this same location is open year round by appointment only.


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2 thoughts on “Our Studio

  1. I was in this summer and bought a couple of the felt pennants, was wondering if it is possible to order a custom print on a felt pennant?

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